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5 Fantastic Facts about House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones Spin Off

The spin-off sequel to the Game of Thrones series, House of the Dragon is now out on HBO. The adventure between Princess Rhayenra and Prince Aegon who is involved in a civil war is revealed to be airing for 10 episodes in this prequel.

GOT lovers also look enthusiastic waiting for their spin off. So, what are some interesting facts about this prequel? Read more.

Become one of the Game of Thrones spinoffs

The sequel to House of the Dragon is predicted to be one of the best-selling GOT spinoffs of this century. Family conflicts and the struggle for the throne are also well packaged through antagonist and protagonist characters, with the beginning of a civil war between Princess Rhayenra and Prince Aegon.

Focus on conflict

The series’ writer, George R.R. Martin revealed that he and the production team of House of the Dragon deliberately created conflict from the start. This is so that the conflict becomes the main point and focus of the audience, compared to the characters that are often discussed by the audience in Game of Thrones.

Based on the original story English Civil War The Anarchy

Martin also explains how House of the Dragon was inspired by real events that took place in the 12th century.

“Game of Thrones is based on War of the Roses. Whereas this show is based on an early period of British history, called The Anarchy,” Martin explained at Comic Con 2022.

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“Her cousin Stephen then crossed the line and took control. This started this period, The Anarchy, where Matilda and Stephen fought. That was the inspiration.”

The moment of birth is the moment of the beginning of the drama

If marriage is a signal to Game of Thrones fans that something dramatic is about to happen, births have the same impact in House of the Dragon. The touch of drama that appears on Game of Thrones after the wedding will be replaced by a birth.

“We’ve had a number of births in this series and basically to give them different themes and explore them from different perspectives in the same way I do for a lot of people fighting on Thrones.” Martin explained.

There will be 17 dragons

“There are 17 dragons that appear at the climax of this series. It’s really important to differentiate them and it was one of the earliest things we started conceptualizing,” said showrunner Ryan Condal.

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They build on the characters of Syrax and Caraxes and Vhagar, the biggest living dragon in the series. Martin and the team also claim to have designed a dragon that hasn’t even been seen in season 1.

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