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7 Recommended Movies Like ‘FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY’, No Less Romantic

In 2015, FIFTY SHADES became one of the most talked about films. Shortly after its release on February 13, 2015, the film, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, immediately became trending in various countries. But now, this film can be watched on various streaming services. In fact, now various movie recommendations such as FIFTY SHADES can also be watched freely.

A glimpse of FIFTY SHADES is a romantic and erotic film. This film tells the story of the relationship between a student named Anastasia and a businessman named Christian Grey. Interestingly, Anastasia and Christian have different views on love. At a young age, the naive Anastasia yearns for true love. Meanwhile, Christian Gray only considers his relationship to be limited to just channeling passion.

Well, apart from FIFTY SHADES, it turns out that there are similar films that are no less exciting. Curious, what kind of movie is it? To find out, just take a look at the list and reviews of recommendations for films like FIFTY SHADES below.

365 DAYS

365 DAYS is one of the recommendations for films such as FIFTY SHADES. Just like FIFTY SHADES, 365 DAYS is also a film that is quite busy being discussed. This film also features a romantic and erotic love story.

The film 365 DAYS tells the story of a mobster named Massimo Torricelli. To channel his biological needs, Massimo then paid a woman named Laura to serve him. But unexpectedly, gradually, feelings of love actually grew between the two of them.


The second recommended movie like FIFTY SHADES is WHITE GIRL. WHITE GIRL movie has a pretty exciting story. Just like FIFTY SHADES, this adult film also features a young woman who falls in love with a man who was originally a stranger in her life.

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It is said, a student named Leah meets a foreign man named Blue. Various moments finally make them fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, when they start to become lovers, their relationship is then tested by a case that happened to Blue.


Next on the list of recommended films like FIFTY SHADES, there is a film called REDEEMING LOVE. Compared to the two previously mentioned titles, REDEEMING LOVE has a more romantic and touching story.

The film REDEEMING LOVE tells the story of the life of a woman named Angel. Angel, who has been a sex worker in a brothel, has always longed for true love to come. One day, Angel finally meets Michael Hosea, a man who is able to love Angel for who he is. Michael Hosea is also the one who finally brought Angel out of his dark life.


Not only from the west, movie recommendations like FIFTY SHADES can also be found in the Korean film industry. A MUSE is a Korean film similar to FIFTY SHADES. This adult film also features a story involving two different age figures with a love triangle spice.

The story of the semi-Korean film A MUSE begins when a young woman is found asleep on the porch of a poet’s house. The poet then invited the woman into the house and lived with him. The story gets more complicated, when the student who studied with the poet also fell in love and targeted the woman.


PRETTY WOMAN is the next film on the list of movie recommendations like FIFTY SHADES. This film presents a unique love story between a successful businessman and a prostitute.
Edward is a successful businessman who is on a journey. In the city he had just visited, Edward then decided to hire a prostitute to serve as a tour guide. Who would have thought, starting from work, a love affair was actually established between Edward and the prostitute named Vivian.


If you are looking for movie recommendations like FIFTY SHADES but with a romantic comedy feel, SECRETARY can be the choice. SECRETARY tells the story of a secret relationship between a boss named Edward Gray and his secretary, Lee Halloway.

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The habit of spending time together every day, makes Edward and Lee secretly harbor feelings for each other. Until finally, they express their feelings for each other, and their relationship goes beyond the limits of professionalism of the work.


Recommended films such as the seventh and final FIFTY SHADES entitled SHAME. The film SHAME also tells about the life of a businessman who has a very big passion for sex. In fact, you could even say, the main character in this film named Brandon Sullivan is a person who is already at the stage of sex addiction.

Sometimes, Brandon has difficulty controlling his lust for sex. Until one day, he had to stay at his sister’s house for some reason. In front of his younger brother, Brandon had to hold back his passion. Can Brandon hold back to maintain his image in front of his younger brother? If you’re curious, just watch the story. Those are some movie recommendations like FIFTY SHADES, which one are you interested in watching?.

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