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ASI Can Reduce Obesity For Babies

ASI is the main food for babies. The nutritional is complete and has a component of the immune substance makes milk the best food for babies. Therefore, breastfeeding is always echoed by health experts.

In addition to being a food for babies, some sources describe that breast milk can reduce the risk of obersity. Babies who get breast milk are said to have a lower risk of obesity than babies who do not get breast milk. So, why did that happen, huh?

Obesity In Babies

According to the World Health Agency (WHO), excess weight and obesity are the accumulation of excess fat that can interfere with health. In addition to influencing adults, obesity can also be experienced by children. There were around 39 million children under five experienced obesity or obesity in 2020.


The fundamental cause of obesity and obesity is an imbalance between the calories consumed with calories released. Globally, there is an increase in consumption of foods with excess fat and sugar and decreased physical activity.

Diet And Lack of Activity

Many low and middle income countries face the double burden of malnutrition. In addition to dealing with infectious disease problems and malnutrition, the country also faces problems with obesity and obesity which is a risk factor for non -communicable diseases.

Children who are in low-income countries and secondary income are more vulnerable to nutritional problems. At the same time, they are more exposed to high -fat foods, high sugar, high salt, and low micronutrition foods at lower prices but the nutritional value is low. The food pattern coupled with lack of physical activity can increase the risk of obesity in childhood.

Giving ASI Can Reduce The Risk of Obesity

ASI is an ideal food for babies. ASI is able to provide the energy and nutrients needed by the baby. Therefore, WHO suggested giving exclusive breastfeeding to infants.

Breastfeeding has a variety of benefits for babies, one of which is a child more rarely has excess weight or obesity. In addition, ASI is also believed to contribute to a healthy diet while maintaining a healthy weight in children to adults.

Why Can Breast Milk Reduce The Risk of Obesity in Children?

Citing an explanation of Verywell Family, researchers are still trying to understand the reasons why breastfeeding can help prevent obesity in infants and children.

Some things that are suspected to be the reason for the benefits of breastfeeding in reducing the risk of obesity according to the Indonesian Pediatrician Association page, that is, babies who are breastfed are able to regulate the intake of breast milk according to their needs. That is, the baby will drink breast milk when he is hungry and will stop when full. According to the Harvard Health Publishing page, learning to eat only when hungry and stop when full is a good skill to prevent obesity.

In addition, the baby’s metabolism is better when given breast milk. ASI has a better effect on the body’s metabolism of the baby and hormone metabolism, such as the hormone insulin and leptin. Both are related to the regulation and storage of body fat. This is why, babies who get breast milk tend not to experience obesity.

ASI Can Support The Growth of Good Bacteria

Citing an explanation of the Harvard Health Publishing page. Breastfeeding to infants is also related to microbiomas in the digestive tract. Babies who drink breast milk tend to have certain bacteria. In the digestive tract that can help reduce the risk of obesity. The same thing is also explained by Verywell Family. That breastfeeding can support the growth of good bacteria in the baby’s. Digestive system that plays a role in metabolism and the immune system.

In addition, when starting to provide solid food can also affect the weight of the baby. For example, the shorter the duration or period of breastfeeding and the introduction of food. Other than breast milk before the age of 5 months. Is associated with higher body weight when a baby is 12 months old.

ASI can reduce the risk of obesity in children. Some possibilities are because babies who are breastfed are able to learn hunger and full signs from an early age. In addition, breast milk has a better effect on the body’s metabolism and supports the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract so that it helps reduce the risk of obesity.

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