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Belly Fat And 15 Ways To Beat It

Belly fat is a nightmare for most people. How not, this is one of the main obstacles to getting the ideal body you desire. Not only makes you anxious and insecure, Fat the stomach can also harm your health if left unchecked.

For men, the standard measurement for abdominal circumference is 40 inches, while for women it is 35 inches. Many diet and exercise programs focus on getting rid of Fat the stomach. Piled up on the abdominal wall, Fat the stomach is easy to form but difficult to burn. What causes Fat the stomach is difficult to get rid of?

Belly Fat

Belly Fat Limit sugary foods and drinks and alcohol

Drinks and sweet foods and low-nutrient alcohol can accumulate calories, making it difficult to burn belly fat. Try to limit the consumption of these foods and drinks.

Belly Fat Reduce foods with saturated fat and high carbohydrates

In addition to sweet foods, foods with high saturated fat and carbohydrates make Fat the stomach more “durable”. Try replacing it with unsaturated fats and reduce your intake of carbohydrates.

Avoid energy drinks

Need an energy drink to make it stronger? stop it! The energy produced from sugar actually accumulates calories into Fat the stomach.

Check your portion sizes

Check your portion sizes! If it’s too much, it’s not strange if belly fat accumulates. Try reducing food portions to taste and feel the changes yourself.

Quit smoking

If you smoke, stop immediately! No less dangerous than alcohol, smoking can make belly fat accumulate. More and more reasons to quit smoking, right?

Drink enough water

Not drinking enough water causes the number on the scale to “sway in place”. Instead of sugary drinks or energy drinks, it’s better to drink water so you don’t accumulate fat.

Diet without exercise

Diet without exercise is a lie! To burn and prevent belly fat from accumulating, try walking 50 minutes three times a week. By exercising, the liver burns fat as energy while reducing it.

Maybe the exercise you did was wrong

If exercise doesn’t burn fat, then the exercise you’re doing is wrong. Try to vary your exercise with intense weight training. In addition to training muscles, fat will also be burned.

Excess belly fat is common after menopause

Study: Asians With Excess Belly Fat Tend To Be Sluggish
For women, excess Fat the stomach is common after menopause. Because the hormone estrogen decreases, the distribution of waist and calf fat moves to the stomach. If hormone therapy is too risky, maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the body remains ideal.

You are too stressed

Too much stress makes stubborn belly fat. The body’s cortisol and insulin hormones trigger the accumulation of fat in the internal organs. Try to take a break from your daily life and take some time for me-time so you don’t get too stressed out. If necessary, consult with an expert if the stress gets worse.

Trouble sleeping

Having trouble sleeping makes you snack unknowingly. This is what keeps belly fat “faithful”. Finish playing gadgets 30 minutes before going to bed, set consistent bedtime, and exercise regularly so that you sleep more soundly.

Only focus on burning belly fat in the short term

Most people fail to burn belly fat in the short term. Once achieved, the body is not maintained, so it is increasingly difficult to burn Fat the stomach. Remember, you need to prevent Fat the stomach from coming back!

Environmental factors also come into play

Environmental factors also play a role. If your surroundings are not supportive, then your program to burn belly fat is likely to fail. Invite your family, partner, or friends to fight together so you feel more motivated.

Rely on fat loss supplements

Fat loss supplements may look tempting, but they are not a long-term solution and the side effects are worrisome. Try to lose fat with a natural healthy lifestyle. Guaranteed, the results are more durable.

There is a genetic factor

It is undeniable, genetic factors can also make stubborn Fat the stomach. If your parents have a history of belly fat, chances are you will too. The only way is to maintain your body and lifestyle so you don’t accumulate fat in your stomach.

The hidden dangers of belly fat

Explained on the WebMD page, too much body fat is not good for health. However, compared to the fat that lies just under the skin (subcutaneous fat), this type of visceral fat or abdominal fat is more likely to increase serious health problems.

Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and high cholesterol are some conditions that are strongly linked to having too much body fat.

Researchers suspect that visceral fat overproduces certain proteins that inflame the body’s tissues and organs and narrow blood vessels. That can make blood pressure rise and cause a variety of other problems.

Those are some of the reasons why belly fat is difficult to get rid of. Unfortunately, there is no instant solution to lose Fat the stomach. It takes effort, commitment, and discipline.

Adjusting your diet and exercise routine is the key to losing fat in a healthy way. To be successful, you can also consult a nutritionist and sports instructor to design a program that suits your condition.

Difficult does not mean impossible. Come on you can do it!

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