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Benefits of Fennel Leaves for Health

Benefits of Fennel Leave for Body are very important, It turns out that the leaves of medicinal plants. As well as spices are also useless, you know. One of them can help maintain heart health.

Not only that, there are many other benefits of fennel leaves that are no less amazing. Curious? Check out the full explanation!

Benefits of Fennel Leaves “Maintain heart health”

The high fiber content found in fennel leaves is beneficial for heart health. Because, this one nutrient is able to bind LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) levels in the digestive system and then remove it from the body.

Benefits of Fennel Leaves for Health
Benefits of Fennel Leaves for Health

LDL cholesterol is referred to as bad cholesterol because it can precipitate and form plaques in blood vessels. This condition ultimately increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. The content of B6 in it also helps maintain heart health.

Benefits of Fennel Leaves “Improves bone health”

You can include fennel leaves in your daily menu to maintain long-term bone health. This plant is rich in phosphate and calcium content. These two nutrients can help maintain the structure and strengthen bones.

Plus, fennel leaves are also high in vitamin K and zinc which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis which is prone to occur in old age. So, these various nutrients are certainly very good for maintaining bone health.

Help reduce the risk of cancer

Not many people know that fennel leaves can help reduce the risk of cancer. This is thanks to the content of selenium, which is a mineral that plays a major role in the health of the body.

The minerals that are also contained in these nuts can also help boost the immune system. Acting as an antioxidant, selenium is able to ward off free radicals thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

Overcoming stomach cramps during menstruation

Not a few women who feel stomach cramps during menstruation. This common condition occurs as a result of the uterine walls contracting. This is actually triggered by increasing the production of the hormone prostaglandin during menstruation.

Well, the nitrite content found in fennel leaves can increase blood flow thereby helping reduce cramps. A number of studies have also proven that this plant can reduce the production of the hormones prostaglandin and oxytocin.

As a result, abdominal pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle will decrease. This is because these two hormones contribute to the cause of the uterine walls contracting.

Maintain ideal body weight

As previously mentioned, fennel leaves are rich in fiber. You need to know if foods that contain high fiber will make you feel full longer and control your appetite.

In this way, calorie intake can be well controlled so as to help maintain ideal body weight. Those of you who are undergoing a weight loss program can also include fennel leaves in your diet.

Slows down the skin aging process

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are often ogled by many people. Moreover, if not to get extraordinary benefits from this one nutrient? However, not only fruits are high in vitamin C.

You can get the benefits of vitamin C contained in fennel leaves. It is common knowledge that vitamin C is beneficial for the health of the body, especially the skin. The reason is, this nutrient can increase collagen production so that it can slow down the aging process and brighten the skin.

The health benefits of fennel leaves are amazing, right? So, you no longer need to include it in your daily menu. Even so, consuming fennel is not recommended for pregnant women because of the risk that it can interfere with the growth and development of the fetus.

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