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Camila Cabello’s Figure in the Eyes of ‘The Voice’ Judges

Beautiful musician Camila Cabello is known to join as a judge in the talent search event “The Voice”. Camila entered as a judge replacing Kelly Clarkson who wanted to take a break from the world of music for a while.

Camila joined three other great judges namely John Legend couple Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Interestingly, the four recently revealed interesting stories and experiences when they were co-workers. Especially Camila who just entered the event.

In an interview with Extra TV, John, Blake and Gwen were asked what they thought of Camila. John then started his opinion first. According to John, Camila deserves to be a judge on “The Voice”. Chrissy Teigen’s husband recalled when Camila was a guest judge at the event. John saw Camila’s potential and judged that the singer of the song titled “Havana” was suitable as a judge.

Unexpectedly, John’s wish came true. Camila who heard it couldn’t help but laugh. “He was on Team Legend last year. He was my advisor for battle and when I spent the day with him I was like, ‘You’re so good at this. If there’s a chance to be a coach you should do it,’ recalls John.

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Meanwhile, Gwen admitted that she first met Camila at the Grammys. After working together, Gwen felt Camila was a fun and funny person. He even said that Camila and Blake, their husband, had chemistry and were always funny when they met.

“We saw him live at the Grammys and it was an amazing performance. Then also he was so much fun. It’s really funny to see the two of them together (pointing to Camila and Blake) because they have a lot of funny chemistry and so yeah, yeah, we had a lot of fun. happy,” Gwen chimed in.

According to Blake, Camila is able to make everyone like her. In fact, Blake said the three judges often did not like the presence of new people. “He kind of throws a wrench into everything we do here because we’re supposed to, like, hate new people. But we all love him,” Blake said.

Gigi Hadid Celebrates Khai’s Birthday With Zayn Malik Amid Rumors Dating Leonardo DiCaprio

Recently, there have been reports that the beautiful supermodel Gigi Hadid is dating senior actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Initially, Leonardo reportedly targeted and tried to approach Gigi after breaking up with his ex-lover, Camila Morrone.

Interestingly, Gigi and her ex-lover, Zayn Malik allegedly celebrated the birthday party of their only daughter, Khai together. The allegation emerged after Gigi shared Khai’s birthday cake through his personal Instagram page.

In the post, Gigi said the princess was now celebrating her 2nd birthday party. There is an engraving of Khai’s name stuck to the cake decorated with animals. Interestingly, the 27-year-old model also tagged Zayn Malik’s Instagram account. “Khai, our angel turns 2 today @carlosbakery @zayn,” Gigi wrote on her Instagram story.

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Therefore, there is speculation that Gigi and Zayn are celebrating a birthday together. This former couple is known to have agreed to be good parents to Khai even though they are no longer together.

On the other hand, a close source said Zayn might be saddened by the news of Gigi’s date. The reason, the former One Direction personnel is said to still hope to return to Gigi. The two also maintain a good relationship for the sake of their daughter, Khai.

Zayn and Gigi are also reportedly still spending time together to make Khai happy. As such, Zayn thinks his relationship with Gigi can be repaired so he is thought to have been so shocked by the news of his daughter’s mother dating.

“Zayn still has hopes of reuniting with Gigi. They are on good terms now for the sake of their daughter, but he made it clear that he would have liked another chance with her so all the news about him and Leo has disappointed him,” a source close to Hollywood Life told Hollywood Life.

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Gigi is even said to have to handle the awkward atmosphere between her relationship with Zayn after the news of her date with Leonardo surfaced. “Gigi did his best to organize things, but it definitely created drama on Zayn’s part that he had to deal with,” he explained.

If it is true that Zayn is celebrating Khai’s birthday party with Gigi, it means that their relationship is fine. Given, the two have agreed to prioritize Khai’s happiness.

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