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Cervical Cancer And Through Menstrual Blood Is It Possible?

Cervical Cancer through menstrual blood, is it really possible? Apart from menstruation, vaginal bleeding can indeed be a sign of certain health conditions. However, the diagnosis by relying on menstrual blood is not entirely correct.

You may find abnormalities in the reproductive system if there is bleeding accompanied by certain symptoms. There are various disorders, but not necessarily cancer. So, how do you know your health condition validly?

What is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cervix means cancer that grows in a woman’s cervix. The cervix itself is the part of the body that connects the cervix to the vagina. Before cancer appears in the cervix, cells will experience changes called dysplasia. This condition means that abnormal cells have started to appear in the cervical tissue.

According to the American Cancer Society, cervix cancer is most often diagnosed in women aged 35-44 years. This disease is known as one of the silent killers for women because it often does not show symptoms until the stage is more severe.

How to detect cervical cancer through menstrual blood, can you?

The National Cancer Institute states that cervix cancer symptoms can vary. One of them is abnormal bleeding. Instead of menstruation, bleeding occurs every time after sex. Some women also find blood flowing after menopause or have heavier periods than usual.

Another sign that can appear is watery, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, even bloody. There are things that are not normal in the body, someone who has cervix cancer in its early stages can experience difficulty and pain when defecating, as well as penetration. In addition, feeling sick to the stomach and tired too much.

Even so, it is still too early to say as cervix cancer. This is because there are other conditions that also show similar signs, such as cervical erosion or ectropion. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to follow the method of detecting cervical cancer through menstrual blood and make a diagnosis too early just because of this.

However, abnormal bleeding can be an indication that something is wrong with your body. To make sure what’s really going on, visit a doctor and an expert will conduct a health screening.

How to detect?

A series of tests are needed to detect whether there is cervical cancer in the body. The initial stage usually begins with carrying out an HPV (Human Papillomavirus) test or pap smear to detect anything abnormal. However, these two tests are only screening and not diagnostic.

If the results of these tests are suspected of having cancer cells, including cervical cancer, the doctor will carry out further evaluation. Reporting from the same source, the observation steps can be as follows:

  • Medical history and medical examination. Including asking for a family history of cancer. In addition, lymph nodes may be examined to detect the possibility that the cancer has spread
  • Colposcopy. This action is performed by the doctor to see more clearly the surface of the cervix. The doctor will also apply a weak acetic acid solution to detect abnormal cells. If found, the doctor will take a piece of tissue sample for biopsy testing
  • Biopsy. This action means taking and testing cervical samples in a laboratory to detect pre-cancer or cervical cancer.
  • There are several types of biopsies performed, namely colposcopy biopsies, endocervical curettage, and cone biopsies. All three took samples of the cervix in different forms. If possible, a biopsy can also be done to remove all abnormal tissue.

However, if cervical cancer turns out to have reached a more severe level or is suspected of spreading, there will be further tests. Including imaging with chest x-rays, CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), PET scans, to intravenous urography.

How to detect cervical cancer through menstrual blood cannot provide a valid diagnosis. Instead of guessing, it’s better to go to the doctor immediately if you experience abnormal bleeding, okay!

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