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Chris Evans Voted The Sexiest Man 2022 by People Magazine

Chris Evans has just been voted the Sexiest Man in the World for 2022 by People magazine. This announcement was made last Monday (7/11) evening at THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT.

Chris Evans Voted The Sexiest Man 2022 by People Magazine
Chris Evans Voted The Sexiest Man 2022 by People Magazine

“It is with humility and gratitude that I am pleased to announce that People magazine has decided to honor me with the extraordinary honor of proclaiming the sexiest man for two years in a row,” said Stephen Colbert to laughter from the studio audience.

At the same time, People also released their latest cover for the November issue. There you can see a handsome portrait of Chris Evans with his new title as Sexiest Man Alive 2022.

Chris Evans Voted The Sexiest Man 2022 Make Mother Proud

Successfully replacing Paul Rudd as Sexiest Man Alive 2021 yesterday, Chris Evans also underwent an exclusive interview with People. He couldn’t hide his happiness when he imagined how his mother would react to this news.

My mother will be very happy. She is proud of everything I do, but this thing (being the sexiest man) is something she can really show off,” said Chris Evans.

Chris Evans Voted The Sexiest Man 2022 Work-Life Balance

Being the sexiest man when he was 41 years old, Chris Evans also had time to share his current focus. Instead of only focusing on his career as an actor, he prioritizes work-life balance. He also spends more time with his family in Boston, America.

“I’m too old to live outside with a suitcase for 6 months. Now I’m entering a better phase, where I’m happy to be at home,” he said.

Hope Chris Evans for the Future

At the end of his interview, Chris Evans Voted The Sexiest Man 2022 had expressed his hopes for the future. After a successful career in acting, he also wanted to find a partner, get married and become a father.

“(Married and becoming a father) that’s really what I want. There are some things you want just for you, or my closest family and friends,” he concluded.

Chris Evans profile

Chrictopher Robert Chris Evans or better known as Chris Evans is an American actor of Irish and Italian descent who was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts on June 13, 1981. His mother named Lisa (nee Capuano) was a dancer while his father named Bob Evans was a dentist.

He has 2 sisters (Charly and Shanna), as well as a brother named Scott who appeared on the ABC soap opera, ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Evans is a vegetarian. He graduated from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in 1999 and went on to attend college in New York. Evans became known to the public when he played in the film NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE and when he acted in the film FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. He will also play in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER.

Career Chris Evans

High school graduate Evans went to Brooklyn and was cast to join a summer acting program. In the same season he met with an agency that gave him the opportunity to act. Evans began acting in television series such as BOSTON PUBLIC, THE FUGITIVE, OPPOSITE SEX, and NOT ANOTHER TEEN.

After playing in the film NOT ANOTHER TEEN, Evans began to spread his career by playing more intensively in the films THE PERFECT SCORE and CELLULAR. He also starred in 2 independent films in Chicago. In Dirk Wiienborn’s film entitled Fierce People, he plays Bryce, a bad guy character who slowly begins to unfold.

In London, he played a drug addict with various problems with his partner. Film Human Torch he was chosen as the Male Superstar of Tomorrow from the Hollywood Awards 2005.

In the same year he played as an astronaut in the film Sunshine which made him a talented actor. In 2009, Evans was ranked 474th in Forbes’ “Star Currency” based on the film’s global box-office.

Evans returned to playing in the film Puncture In Houstton, Texas. He returned to play a drug addict in this film. He also took part in the films THE LOSERS and SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD.

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