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Fast And Furious Korean Version, ‘Seoul Vibe’ Movie Reaps Many Positive Reviews

Netflix’s new film “Seoul Vibe” received great reviews after its release on August 26. There are many viewers who are satisfied with the storyline, acting to the Hollywood-style directing style.

“Seoul Vibe” is an action car chase film that takes place in 1988. The story begins when the Sangedong Supreme team of five young men receives a tempting offer from a prosecutor who wants to uncover the corruption of high-ranking officials.

The prosecutor promised to erase their criminal records and grant them visas to the United States if they were willing to be spies in money laundering cases. After the agreement was made, they were given two different tasks, namely to be couriers to transport illicit funds and DJs at the headquarters of the criminals.

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This film is highly anticipated because it costs up to 20 billion won (Rp 220.5 billion) to produce. This film is also dubbed the Korean version of “Fast and Furious” because it focuses on car chases that offer cool attractions.

The suspense of a car chase can be felt as the characters traverse the road with lots of obstacles while avoiding the narrow alleys. This film also gives great satisfaction with scenes of breaking various objects that are difficult to see in Korean films.

Another factor that makes this film so laudable is the past, which looks very realistic. Various places, vehicles, objects to the old music that fills the entire film creates nostalgia and reminds viewers of that time period.

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Above all, the acting skills of the actors also manage to captivate viewers. Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Ong Sung Woo, Lee Kyu Hyung and Park Ju Hyun are considered capable of showing detailed acting even though they are required to display various expressions.

In particular, Yoo Ah In who plays the role of team leader Park Dong Wook managed to amaze viewers with his appropriate expression in all situations. Especially when she showed a chic expression while holding the steering wheel.

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Towards the end of the story, “Seoul Vibe” amazed viewers when highlighting the close brother-sister relationship and friendship of the five main actors. The moment when they save and protect each other when in danger manages to leave a strong impression on the hearts of the audience.

In the end, the film “Seoul Vibe” was judged to have succeeded in becoming refreshing entertainment in the midst of a hot summer. That’s why the fantastic cost of production and the hard work of the people behind it can pay off sweetly.

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