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Hawthorn Berry And Health Benefits

Hawthorn Berry or hawthorn is a fruit that grows on shrubs from the genus Crataegeus. This fruit is commonly grown in parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. Despite its small size, it has many health benefits.

In addition to the health benefits of hawthorn berries, they are also rich in nutrients and have a unique taste. Intrigued by this tiny fruit? Read more!

Hawthorn Berry Provides Antioxidants to The Body

Quoting Healthline, hawthorn berries are a source of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidant compounds in plants. Polyphenol antioxidants are potent at neutralizing unstable molecules, such as free radicals when present in high levels.

Hawthorn Berry

Additionally, the polyphenols in hawthorn berries have many health benefits including preventing and reducing the risk of asthma, infections, type 2 diabetes, early cancer, and heart problems.

Hawthorn Berry Helps lower blood pressure

Did you know that in traditional Chinese medicine, hawthorn berries are used to support the treatment of high blood pressure? According to Indigo Herbs, hawthorn berries contain large amounts of powerful antioxidants known as potent vasodilators, thereby helping to maintain high blood pressure (hypertension).

These antioxidants work to relax narrowed blood vessels in the body. As a result, hawthorn berries help in lowering high blood pressure levels.

Prevents hair loss

Some hair care and hair growth products include hawthorn berry as a natural ingredient. That’s because in the past, hawthorn berries have shown ‘promise’ in stimulating the growth and size of hair follicles in mice. This is due to the polyphenol content.

How to use hawthorn berries in your hair? Many people prefer to incorporate hawthorn berries into food, such as making syrup for pancakes. Meanwhile others invest in natural hair care products, such as butter or hawthorn berry tonic.

Supports the digestive system

Hawthorn berry fruit and extract have been used to aid in the treatment of digestive problems, especially stomach upset and indigestion. Because, this fruit contains high fiber to support the digestive system. This fiber stimulates the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and reduces constipation.

According to the Vinmec website, animal studies have shown that consumption of hawthorn berry extract significantly reduces the transit of food in the digestive system. This means that when food enters the body, food will move more quickly through the digestive system thereby reducing indigestion and protecting the stomach similar to anti-ulcer drugs.

Release anxiety symptoms

Hawthorn berry also has a mild sedative effect to relieve symptoms of anxiety. When using hawthorn berry extract, you will feel more relaxed and less anxious.

If you compare the use of hawthorn berry extract with traditional anti-anxiety drugs, there are fewer side effects so it is considered safer. Its benefits are also being studied as a potential way to treat some central nervous system disorders such as depression.

Before deciding to consume hawthorn berry, make sure you know the side effects. Despite the health benefits of hawthorn berries and fruit being safe to eat, in some cases mild side effects may occur including nausea, dizziness, stomach upset, headache, fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, agitation and nosebleeds. So, consume wisely!

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