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Intimate in NYC, Relatives Confirm Leonardo Di Caprio and Gigi Hadid are Dating

Two Hollywood celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are making a public commotion after news broke about their closeness. Initially, Leonardo reportedly targeted and tried to approach Gigi after breaking up with his ex-lover, Camila Morrone.

Even so, the news was doubted by some Leonardo fans. The reason is, they claim to know what type of woman the “Titanic” actor is dating. As is known, Leonardo is famous for the image of only dating women under the age of 25 years. Meanwhile, Gigi is 27 years old and even has one daughter with her ex-lover, Zayn Malik.

Therefore, Gigi is called not included in Leonardo’s criteria. However, Leonardo’s seriousness in approaching Gigi was even more evident after the two of them became intimate during the New York Fashion Week performance.

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Gigi and Leonardo even sat across from each other and laughed together. Several times the two of them did skinship like a couple in general. Fans are increasingly wondering if Leonardo is really dating the supermodel.

After circulating various speculations, a relative revealed a surprising fact. To Entertainment Tonight, the relative confirmed that Leonardo and Gigi were indeed dating. Both are said to like each other. “Gigi and Leo are dating and like each other,” said a close relative.

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Meanwhile, neither Gigi nor Leonardo have confirmed their dating news. However, other sources reveal that Leonardo is very interested in Gigi. “They have a great time together and Leo is very interested in Gigi,” said another source. That means, Gigi became Leonardo’s first girlfriend who was more than 25 years old. Gigi is also a woman with one child who managed to melt the heart of a Leonardo DiCaprio.

Claire Stoermer Mother of Beautiful Actress Zendaya Coleman Talks About Her Struggle To Meet And Hug Her Princess At The 2022 Emmy Awards

The beautiful actress Zendaya Coleman has recently made another achievement. The reason, Tom Holland’s lover managed to bring home the 74th Emmy Awards. It is known, Zendaya won the Emmy trophy for Best Actress in a Drama Series. Zendaya won the award for her epic role in the Netflix series “Euphoria”.

The interesting story behind Zendaya’s success on the Emmy Awards stage recently stole the public’s attention. The reason, this story was revealed directly by Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer. Claire talked about her struggle to meet Zendaya at the Microsoft Theater, Downtown Los Angeles, California where the 74th Emmy was held. Claire shared through her Instagram Story that she was intercepted by security officers before finally being able to meet and take pictures with Zendaya.

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Claire was blocked because she could not show the invitation to the Emmy Awards. She then insisted that she was Zendaya’s mother. Claire, who was so proud of Zendaya’s victory, was eager to meet the princess.

Claire then tries everything possible to get in and meet Zendaya. Thankfully, security immediately let Claire in as soon as she claimed to be Zendaya’s mother. He also chuckled because it was the first time he had boasted of being Zendaya’s mother. Claire and Zendaya are finally able to meet and take a photo together. Claire even shared her selfie through Instagram Story while telling the interesting incident.

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“I walked up to Z before they gave him an Emmy and gave him the biggest hug and said… breathe!!! Then came the guy who tried to stop me saying, ‘where are your credentials?’ recalls Claire. “I said ‘I’m Zendaya’s mom’ and kept walking!! ha ha ha! I’ve never mentioned the name of a drop like that but I had to,” said Claire.

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