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Justin Bieber Announces The Postponing Of His Justice Tour Concert After Being Diagnosed With Ramsay Syndrome

Unfavorable news must be received again by Beliebers fans of the famous musician Justin Bieber. The reason, Justin was again forced to cancel a scheduled concert due to health problems.

As is known, Justin recently experienced facial paralysis. Doctors later diagnosed Justin with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The syndrome reduces how the nerves work so that Justin’s face is difficult to move.

Allegedly, Justin’s Ramsay Hunt syndrome has relapsed. He was forced to cancel his concerts in several areas in North America after the Rock in Rio concert, Brazil. In his statement, Justin wanted to take a break because busy concerts again affected his health.

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Because of this syndrome, Justin has difficulty giving his best performance on stage. Hailey Baldwin’s husband later announced his inability to continue his Justice Tour concerts in North America.

“Earlier this year, I announced my fight with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, where my face was partially paralyzed. Due to this disease, I was unable to complete the North American part of the Justice Tour,” Justin wrote via his Instagram Story recently.

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“After resting and consulting with my doctor, family and team, I went to Europe in an attempt to continue touring. I did six live shows, but it really got me excited. This past weekend, I performed at Rock in Rio and I give everything I have for the people of Brazil,” Justin said. “After getting off the stage, fatigue overtook me and I realized that I had to prioritize my health now. So I’ll be taking a break from touring for now.”

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Lastly, Justin expressed his gratitude for the many loyal supports from the fans. He hopes to recover and be able to return to singing soon. “I’ll be fine but I need time to rest and get better,” Justin added. “I am very proud to bring this show. Thank you for your prayers and support during this time! I love you all with passion!”

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