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Kate Winslet Rushed to Hospital After Falling While Filming

Unpleasant news came from Hollywood actress Kate Winslet. The “Titanic” star suffered an injury while on set for his historical drama, “Lee”, which is currently shooting in Croatia. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Winslet fell on set and was hospitalized afterward. The good news, it was just a precaution as the actress was not seriously injured.

His representative has confirmed that Winslet slipped. However, he is doing well and plans to return to the set this week to continue production. “Kate slipped and was taken to the hospital as a precaution required by the production,” the rep said. “He is doing well and will be filming, as planned, this week.”

In the film, Winslet plays photographer Lee Miller, who is the main subject of the film. Miller, who died in 1977, was best known for his work as a war correspondent for Vogue during World War II. The film takes inspiration from the biography The Lives of Lee Miller by Antony Penrose, Miller’s son. Besides Winslet, this film also stars Marion Cotillard, Jude Law, Andrea Riseborough, and Josh O’Connor.

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Previously, Kate Winslet had teased that “Lee” would not be the same as the average Hollywood biopic in general. He had emphasized the importance of Miller’s story, even though he was surprised that it had not been made into a film in the past. “This is by no means a biopic,” Winslet told Vogue. “What we wanted to do was find the most interesting decade of his life. The period from 1938 to 1948 that took him through the war.

From her confession, Kate Winslet seems to really admire this female photographer. Lee was a female photographer on the front line during World War II. “She educates people about what really happened during the war. Lee is a woman who documents war for women, through women’s eyes, for women’s magazines,” she said.

Nicolas Cage Says He Really Wants To Play Villain Batman Egghead For This Reason

Veteran actor Nicolas Cage recently revealed his reasons for wanting to play a villain from the DC world. While it’s still uncertain whether he’ll reprise his role as Ghost Rider and bring him to the MCU, it’s clear that he wants to play Egghead, Batman’s nemesis.

Egghead is a Batman villain played by Vincent Price in 1960s TV shows. Appearing this week on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, Cage gives reasons why Egghead is the perfect Batman villain for him.

“He was one of our great American superstar actors who I respected and had a lot of fun watching growing up,” he said. “Blood Theatre. So I watched the Batman show, because I really wanted to see what Vincent Price was going to do. And the characters were funny.”

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The bald, eggheaded Egghead is actually a character created for the TV show Batman, and only later appeared on the pages of DC Comics. Egghead was then shortlisted for Batman villains to make the leap to the big screen in Joel Schumacher’s planned film “Batman Unchained”.

But it’s clear the film never happened and Egghead’s big cinematic break was postponed. Since then, Egghead’s only film appearances have been the short animated feature film “The Lego Batman Movie”.

“But I didn’t call Warner Bros. It’s just a nice little thing. Since I was on the red carpet, someone asked me, I wanted to give them a funny answer,” he continued. “But there’s an approach to that character that can be scary. And I’ve thought about it a lot.”

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Egghead is a very eccentric and quirky Batman character, which is why Cage is drawn to him. While Cage doesn’t sound too serious about the prospect of bringing the character to life, he seems to prefer tossing the idea of ​​playing Egghead as a handy red carpet answer whenever the subject of a superhero movie comes up.

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