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Kim Kardashian’s Type After Divorcing Kanye West And Breaking Up With Pete Davidson

The life of American celebrity Kim Kardashian is often in the public spotlight. His love life is no exception. Kim recently ended her romance with Pete Davidson after dating for nine months.

Before being with Pete, Kim decided to divorce from her ex-husband, Kanye West after more than six years of marriage. The reason why Kim and Pete broke up was reported to be due to differences in their respective schedules and busy schedules. The two are said to rarely see each other because of work and finally decided to separate for the common good.

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Interestingly, Kim when he was a guest star on the James Corden show “The Late Late With James Corden” revealed plans for his love life in the future. In the event, Kim admitted that he still wants to be alone. She hasn’t thought about finding a new lover after breaking up with Pete.

On the other hand, Kim loves to focus on herself and fulfill some of her unfulfilled desires. “I haven’t looked for anything new. I just wanted to relax for a bit. I think I need some time for myself and to focus, finish school, all that stuff,” Kim said.

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On the other hand, Kim revealed that the criteria for the man she will look for after repeated failures probably won’t come from the entertainment world. Given, almost all former Kim is a public figure.

“But I think my next route will be, I feel like I have to do something, like go somewhere different,” Kim said. “Obviously, it doesn’t work no matter what I do. So, I don’t know. Maybe, like, hospital and seeing a doctor. Law firm.”

According to Kim, it would be better if he dated a doctor, lawyer, scientist or any professional profession that has nothing to do with the world of entertainment. “I think it will be like, scientists, neuroscientists, biochemists, doctors, lawyers. Maybe that’s what I imagine in the future,” Kim explained.

Margot Robbie cries out of Cara Delevingne’s house, allegedly worried about the model’s condition

Model and actor Cara Delevingne recently garnered attention. The reason is, the actress playing “Only Murders in The Building” has increasingly shown unusual behavior over the past few months.

Even recently, his close friend, Margot Robbie was seen crying when he came out of his house. According to PageSix, Margot Robbie looked emotional as she left Cara Delevingne’s house this weekend.

He looked puffy and appeared to be wiping the tears from his face as he walked out of the LA residence with a suitcase in one hand. The “I, Tonya” star wore a casual outfit consisting of a black tank top, black trousers and had her hair pulled back in half with a pin.

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In one of the pictures, Robbie can be seen looking down with a serious expression on his face as the driver loads his luggage into the trunk of the vehicle. For a more complete picture, see here. While it’s unclear why the “Barbie” star looks the way she does, netizens speculate that Margot Robbie may be getting more and more worried about her friend, Delevingne.

In March, Delevingne was seen exhibiting drunken behavior at a party in New York. Then in May, when she attended the Met Gala, social media users commented on how she looked shaky while on the red carpet.

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It didn’t stop there, later in the same month, Delevingne attended the Billboard Music Awards with Megan Thee Stallion and once again amazed her fans when she playfully lifted the rapper’s dress.

The most recent was when Cara Delevingne sparked chatter for her erratic behavior at Van Nuys Airport. He was seen acting very restless and barefoot as he walked through the airport. She was also absent this week at the New York Fashion Week event she was hoping to attend.

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