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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gigi Hadid Dating In Italy

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Gigi Hadid are widely rumored to be dating. Even insiders have confirmed Leonardo and Gigi’s romance. To Entertainment Tonight, close relatives confirmed that Leonardo and Gigi were in fact dating. Both are said to like each other. “Gigi and Leo are dating and like each other,” said a close relative.

Meanwhile, Leonardo approached Gigi shortly after separating from his ex-girlfriend he had been dating for four years, Camila Morrone. Leonardo’s seriousness in approaching Gigi was increasingly evident after the two of them became intimate during the New York Fashion Week show.

Even so, neither Gigi nor Leonardo have confirmed their dating news. Interestingly, Gigi and Leonardo sparked allegations that they were spending time together in Italy. Speculation arose after the two were reported to have been there at the same time.

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It is known, Gigi was in Italy to attend Milan Fashion Week. Gigi was scheduled to walk the runway representing fashion brand Versace Spring/Summer 2023 last week. Meanwhile, Leonardo Keciduk was in the same city with his friends. Although there are no official photos showing the two meeting, a source from Entertainment Tonight said Gigi and Leonardo had met in the country.

On the other hand, Gigi and Leonardo’s romance reportedly made the former lover and father of his daughter, Zayn Malik disappointed. Even Zayn Malik reportedly just unfollowed Gigi’s Instagram account. In fact, Zayn used to follow the account belonging to the mother of his daughter.

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The news emerged after Elle found that Gigi’s name was no longer found on Zayn’s Instagram following page. Zayn was found unfollowing Gigi shortly after news broke that his ex was officially dating actor Leonardo. Meanwhile, Gigi is still following Zayn’s Instagram account.

Victoria Beckham Allegedly Removed David Beckham Tattoo From Wrist

Celebrity couple Victoria Adams and David Beckham again seized the public’s attention. This time, Victoria made the public wonder after allegedly removing David Beckham’s tattoo which was previously drawn on his wrist. Previously, a black tattoo with the letters DB which means David Beckham was drawn on the designer’s wrist. However, it was recently discovered that Victoria removed the tattoo.

This was revealed after Victoria shared a video review of a lipstick. Victoria shows the color of the lipstick by dabbing it on her right wrist. Netizens later found that DB’s initials were no longer on Victoria’s wrist. The tattoos that were removed are also still imprinted on the hands of the mother of four. Fans also wondered why Victoria removed the tattoo. So far, Victoria has not commented on the removal of David Beckham’s tattoo from his hand. However, fans don’t think negatively about their relationship because this couple is known to be harmonious and romantic.

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Instead of having a feud with her husband, Victoria has recently been reportedly arguing with her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz. The Victorian and Nicola cold war is said to have been going on for a long time. Both are said to have different views. In fact, Victoria and Nicola reportedly don’t talk to each other. However, Nicola has clarified the issue of her relationship with her in-laws. Nicola said the news was completely untrue. On the other hand, in an interview with Grazia, Nicola praised Victoria as a great mother-in-law.

Nicola admitted that the bad news about her and her mother-in-law really hurt her feelings. This is because the speculations made by the public and the media are completely untrue. Nicola finally decided to appear and clarify all the oblique accusations about him.

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“When I read things that say things like that I never planned on wearing a Victoria Beckham dress or anything like that, it hurts my feelings,” Nicola said. “I try not to let it go, but it’s not the truth. It’s just a little disappointing when you’re like, ‘Oh, people think that’ but it’s not true.”

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