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Phosphorus Minerals And Their Benefits For The Body

Phosphorus Minerals is an important nutrient that goes into this type of mineral which has many benefits for the body. The mineral phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body, found in bones, teeth and in every cell of the body. Phosphorus minerals are included in the type of macro minerals, which means that phosphorus minerals are needed by the body in large quantities.

Phosphorus minerals can be obtained from consuming foods such as chicken, fish, beef, cheese, sheep’s milk, seafood, and legumes. All of these foods are high in the mineral phosphorus. It is amazing that the mineral phosphorus, which is a simple element, can provide so many powerful effects and benefits to the body. What are the benefits provided by consuming phosphorus minerals? Come on, see together!

Phosphorus Minerals And Their Benefits For The Body
Phosphorus Minerals

Phosphorus Minerals and Detoxes the body

According to Dr. Ax Co-Founder of Ancient Nutrition, the role and key of the mineral phosphorus is to help utilize nutrients from the food eaten to support detoxification. The mineral phosphorus is also important for kidney function, because the kidneys have the function of detoxifying the blood and then helping the body filter all waste materials and toxins through the urine.

To help the body filter toxins and waste and then dispose of them through urine, the role of the mineral phosphorus is needed here. Without the mineral phosphorus, the detoxification process will not run smoothly. Meet the need for phosphorus mineral intake by consuming 1 cup of sheep’s milk which contains 387 mg of the mineral phosphorus and 3 ounces of canned salmon which contains 322 mg of the mineral phosphorus.

Strengthens Bones and Teeth

Phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body, the mineral phosphorus works together with the mineral calcium to build strong bones and teeth. In addition, the benefits of the mineral phosphorus can also help cure bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Reported by Mount Sinai, about 85 percent of the mineral phosphorus is in the bones and teeth. Most to get this mineral by consuming food and drink, this mineral is found in dairy products such as cottage cheese, grains such as whole wheat, and protein such as chicken meat.

Phosphorus Minerals and Regulates Heart Rhythm

Phosphorus minerals help convert other nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates and protein into energy. The involvement of the mineral phosphorus in all energy production makes it a necessary partner for heart health. Like all other organs in the body, the heart also requires energy to function.

Quoted from Healthyeating, Mineral phosphorus also helps regulate the amount of calcium mineral levels in the blood to remain normal. A deficiency or excess of calcium in the blood can cause heart rhythm disturbances. The heart depends on calcium minerals which are regulated by phosphorus. Minerals to regulate the rhythm or beat so that it is regular or normal.

Ensures the Balance of the Body’s Hormones

Reported by Oregon State University, a number of hormones in the body depend on phosphorylation for their activation. Hundreds of types of hormones that exist in the body play a very important role for all health problems and the mineral phosphorus is an irreplaceable part of the control system.

The benefits of phosphorus minerals for the body are to help maintain and even guarantee hormonal balance. Phosphorus minerals ensure that the hormones in the body remain balanced. Especially the hormones needed by reproductive health so that they are always present in quantity and relevant. By meeting the need for phosphorus mineral intake, all the hormones in the body can work or do activities properly.

Maintain and Repair Cells and Tissues of The Body

The last benefit of the phosphorus mineral was reported from Medline Plus. Which is to maintain and help repair cells and body tissues if they are damaged. Phosphorous minerals also ensure that cells in the body can develop properly and remain active for overall body health.

Cells and tissues play an important role for the body such as absorbing nutrients from the food eaten dail. And then converting them into energy, utilizing nutrients. To carry out bodily functions, moving the skeleton (bones) and stimulating muscle contractions.

The five benefits of phosphorus minerals are very important for the body. Therefore, daily intake of phosphorus minerals must be fulfilled. Knowing the right amount of intake should consult with a doctor first. This is to avoid the accumulation of phosphorus minerals in the body which can be harmful to health.

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