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Puzzle Who is Big Mouse in MBC Korean Drama “Big Mouth”

The MBC drama “Big Mouth” has aired its latest episode on Friday (26/8). In this episode, the mayor Choi Do Ha (Kim Joo Hun) is strongly suspected of being Big Mouse, the high-profile criminal who sent Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) to prison.

The suspicion arose because Choi Do Ha was involved in the murder of Seo Jae Young (Park Hoon). He is also revealed to be the one who buried Big Mouse’s gold bullion.

However, there is a new theory that casts doubt on Choi Do Ha’s identity as Big Mouse. On Saturday (27/8), the YouTube channel “Review Uncle” posted a new video entitled “Choi Do Ha Is Not Big Mouse”. Instead of Choi Do Ha, YouTubers believe that prosecutor Choi Jung Rak (Jang Hyuk Jin) is the real Big Mouse.

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He explained, “After bringing Park Chang Ho out of prison, Choi Jung Rak was the one who stopped Gong Ji Hoon when he tried to get Park Chang Ho to take a drug that could actually kill him. He was also the only person who could send gold bullion to the scene. expressed by Park Chang Ho.

The YouTuber also explained that Choi Do Ha had most likely been taken advantage of by Choi Jung Rak. That way, he could turn people’s attention to Choi Do Ha.

“Choi Do Ha may look like Big Mouse because he appears with gold bullion and secret documents. But actually, he is also being used by Choi Jung Rak. There is no reason to use a substitute if it is Choi Do Ha,” concluded the YouTuber.

Regardless of whether the above theory is true or not, Park Chang Ho is likely to have a face-to-face meeting with Big Mouse in the upcoming episode of this drama. Because previously someone suddenly appeared behind Park Chang Ho while he was waiting for Big Mouse.

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Meanwhile, the latest episode of “Big Mouse” again recorded a high rating of 11.5 percent. This is the highest rating for “Big Mouth” since it aired on July 29.

SNSD’s Yoona laughed after being hugged by Lee Jong Suk at the location of ‘Big Mouth’

“Big Mouth” is still sparking questions about who Big Mouse really is. To melt the tension of the audience, the production team presented a behind-the-scenes video that would be a shame to miss.

The video shows the filming process when Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) gave a surprise by appearing before the court. The man managed to escape from the captivity of Gong Ji Hoon (Yang Kyung Won) and uncover the facts about the death of Seo Jae Yong (Park Hoon).

Before returning to prison, Park Chang Ho took the time to hug Go Mi Ho (Yoona) and his father-in-law and best friend. The man entered the car with a big smile in the belief that his good name would recover soon.

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Footage of the filming process shows Park Chang Ho hugging Go Mi Ho. As soon as the camera stopped recording, Yoona immediately squatted down laughing. Lee Jong Suk also laughed and questioned his co-star’s reaction.

On the other hand, there are various theories that speculate about who the Big Mouse really is. Previously the warden of the prison Park Yoon Gab (Jung Jae Sung) said that he was Big Mouse but Park Chang Ho did not believe it.

Another suspicion that spreads is Choi Do Ha (Kim Joo Hun) as Big Mouse. But many don’t believe it, considering that in the latest episode, his wife Hyun Joo Hee (Ok Ja Yeon) became a victim of the Big Mouse attack. Now many suspect that the real Jerry (Kwak Dong Yeon) is Big Mouse himself. This suspicion grew after he tore up the paper which was allegedly Park Chang Ho’s request letter to meet him face to face.

Meanwhile, regardless of guessing who Big Mouse really is, “Big Mouth” continues to record good ratings, reaching 11.5 percent in the latest episode. The drama still has six episodes left to find out who Big Mouse really is. Don’t miss watching it.

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