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SNSD’s Yoona Will Face Life and Death Situations in ‘Big Mouth’ Prison

Big Mouth” will air its 10th episode on Saturday (27/8). As usual before the broadcast, the production team of the popular drama released a photo of a scene that would be a pity to miss. This photo involves Go Mi Ho (SNSD’s Yoona).

In the previous episode of “Big Mouth”, Go Mi Ho’s attempts to find out the secret of Gucheon Hospital ended in vain. Because Hyun Joo Hee (Ok Ja Yeon) ordered him to resign.

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Go Mi Ho had no choice but to do as the woman ordered. But she makes a bolder move by applying for a job at the medical team of Gucheon Hospital, where her husband Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) is imprisoned.

In the newly released photos, Go Mi Ho heads to Gucheon Prison as a job seeker and not a visitor. His eyes were filled with all sorts of thoughts and emotions as he was directed by the prison officers.

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Go Mi Ho couldn’t help but feel strange when she realized that she was getting closer to Park Chang Ho. But the situation of life and death immediately enveloped the beautiful nurse even though she had just set foot in prison.

Because Tak Kwang Yeon (Yoo Tae Joo), a death row inmate, is lying on the ground bleeding. Go Mi Ho doesn’t hesitate to take emergency action, and Park Yoon Gap (Jung Jae Sung) reacts coldly when he sees the woman trying to save the life of the inmate.

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In particular, a mysterious epidemic called “ghost disease” is currently circulating in Gucheon Prison. In the midst of the strange symptoms that haunt the prisoners, the question arises whether Tak Kwang Yeon is also infected with a ghost disease and what kind of secrets he can find here.

Meanwhile, “Big Mouth” is still sparking questions about who Big Mouse really is. Throughout the broadcast, many fan theories gave guesses about who Big Mouse really was. Don’t miss watching it.

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