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Synopsis Film Togo, the Dog Who Becomes a Hero during the Diphtheria Outbreak in Alaska

Togo is an American historical drama film that can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar. The work of Ericson Core stars a series of famous actors and actresses such as Willem Dafoe, Julianne Nicholson, and Christopher Heyerdahi.

This 114-minute film tells the story of a dog named Togo who became a hero during the diphtheria epidemic that broke out in 1925 in Nome, Alaska.

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The story begins when a musher named Leonhard Seppala is assigned to bring a medicinal serum to Nome from Nenana. Since the weather was very bad at that time, it would not be possible for the medicinal serum to be sent by plane. Therefore, Seppala was trusted to distribute the drug using a dog sled even though the distance was very far.

Seppala also brought his dog, Togo, who is already 12 years old, which is quite old for a dog. The story goes back to several years ago, where Seppala and his wife found a small and weak dog which they later named Togo. Togo is an intelligent, resourceful dog, and follows Seppala wherever he goes.

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Togo always joins Seppala who works to train the sled dogs so Seppala also includes Togo on the sled. Until then Togo and other dogs had won the dog sled competition in Alaska. After that, Seppala and Togo became known until they were trusted to help in sending medicine to Nome.

Despite going through a long and very difficult journey, Seppala and Togo finally managed to arrive at their destination. However, the reporter there misrepresented, where he reported that it was Gunnar Kaasen and his dog, Balto who brought the drug serum. So, how does the story end? Watch the adventures of Seppala and Togo in the Togo movie that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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