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The Importance of a Strong Immune System For Children

A strong immune system can actually affect children’s intelligence in the future. Pediatrician dr. Margaret Komalasari, Sp.A., explained that a good immune system will make children healthy, so that their fine motor and cognitive abilities will be more honed.

“The child’s immune system does not develop until the child is 8 years old, this is what is called the winning window period. This is why it is important, because it meets the child’s needs to support the development of the immune system,” explained Dr Margaret during the Winning Window Period webinar with Nutrilon Royal, Tuesday ( 9/8/2022).

He continued, from the results of the study it was also found that endurance is an important factor in the formation of children’s motor and cognitive abilities.

It is stated that children with good immune systems have 26 percent higher fine motor skills than children who are often sick. Then, the ability of cognitive scores can be 3 points higher than children who are often sick.

“Those two factors can be needed to get the optimal growth and development of the little one. Then if the growth and development is optimal, they will become the next generation, smart, talented, and then the golden generation,” he said.

Dr. Margaret stressed, between the immune system and motor and cognitive development will always be continuous. A healthy physical condition will make the child actively move and learn many things, so he will get a lot of stimulation.

The same thing was conveyed by the Three Generation Psychologist, Saskya Aulia Prima. He explained that motor skills are the first door of learning for children. And the main key to being able to optimize motor stimulation is to ensure the child’s body is healthy.

“The child must be healthy first, because if he is not healthy, how do you want to be given something, he will become weak, not optimal, not moving,” he said.

Active physical movement as a whole is very important for child stimulation because it can stimulate brain work. That’s why, said Saskya, toddlers are not recommended to be allowed to play with gadgets too often.

“Many experts are fussy about gadgets coming in later, because we have senses, have limbs to move, that’s the first door for children to enter information into themselves. It’s like having been given a brain by God, it must be filled with how he moves, touches, sees directly, manipulates language,” he said.

Stimulation activities can be done simply, such as opening and closing the bottle cap repeatedly. Although it seems simple, Saskya explained that this activity can be a motor exercise for children.

“For a child, this is the basis for him to hold a pencil more firmly and it turns out that it adds brain fibers and is connected to each other. So it’s like motor and cognitive can’t be separated,” he said.

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