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Vegetables And Creative Ways To Cook Them

Vegetables are important foods for our body. You have to keep eating vegetables to balance your body’s metabolism. Because, the human body requires 400 grams of vegetables every day. Many supplements are already sold in the market, but you can’t beat the complete vitamin and mineral content in vegetables.

The unpleasant taste of vegetables sometimes makes people reluctant to eat vegetables. Lack of eating vegetables results in the appearance of various diseases, such as hemorrhoids, chapped lips, canker sores, and other skin diseases.

Maybe some of you don’t like certain vegetables or even don’t like them at all. Because vegetables are so important for the body, like it or not, you have to get around the foods that are usually consumed with a combination of vegetables. You can also try the following five creative ways to get used to eating vegetables.

Start Adding Vegetables To Your Favorite Foods

If you eat your favorite food, surely your appetite will increase. Well, try this way to eat vegetables. You don’t need much, but little by little you can add it to your favorite food. Thus, the original taste of vegetables can be masked by other foods.


At first it was not easy. However, start by eating vegetables that taste easily neutralized when combined with your favorite foods. Avoid vegetables that taste excessively bitter and smell strong, so you can start learning to eat vegetables.

Creative Vegetables In The Form of Juice

Generally, the ingredients used for juice are fruit. Even so, you can combine fruit with vegetables in the form of juice. Try the fruit you use sweet. So, the sweet taste of the fruit dominates the taste of the vegetables.

Many recipes for vegetable and fruit juices can be searched on the internet for your reference. Change the juice menu every day, so you don’t get bored to consume it. Fruit and vegetable juices have now become a trend for healthy drinks that are able to meet the nutritional needs and complete nutrition for the body.

Cook By Roasting

There are many processes to process food. However, the process of cooking by frying is generally done a lot. Of the many cooking processes, the roasting process is much healthier, when compared to frying or boiling.

The roasting process does not absorb excess oil compared to frying. In addition, the roasting process can reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals that are lost when cooked.

Well, you can also eat vegetable that go through the roasting process. You can add these vegetable pieces to your pizza, kebabs, pasta or sandwiches.

If you are familiar with the taste, maybe you can also grill vegetable directly without having to put them in the form of other dishes. Just add olive oil or sesame oil, a little salt, or with other spices, to make it more appetizing.

Make Vegetables a Daily Snack Menu

Processed food today has evolved from time to time. You can find fried ice cream, frozen food, various types of chili sauce that can last a long time, or a variety of processed coffee with various variants.

Do you also like snacking? Relax, you can also innovate with everyday food. Moreover, you want to eat vegetable without torturing your tongue or time.

Various types of vegetable have been transformed into snacks that can last a long time, and can be eaten anytime and anywhere. Vegetable snacks can be found in the form of chips. Call it spinach chips, chickpea sticks, bitter gourd chips, eggplants, even crispy cayenne pepper snacks that are also widely sold.

Besides buying it, you can make it yourself at home, you know. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time or don’t have much time, there’s nothing wrong with buying a variety of vegetable snacks at the marketplace.

Try Experimenting With a Variety of Vegetable Menus

Sometimes, a monotonous menu doesn’t make your appetite go up, even when you’re hungry. Well, this is one of the reasons to try a new food menu every day.

If you are still having problems with processed vegetable, you can experiment yourself with the dishes you want. For example, you can make vegetable nuggets, carrot cake, noodles with mixed vegetable, and many more.

From now on, make it a habit to eat vegetable to start a healthy lifestyle. Because, eating vegetable every day is also useful for the health of the body. Come on, start from now!

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