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Viral Taylor Swift Knows Blackpink’s ‘Pink Venom’ song

The MTV Video Music Awards, which is abbreviated as MTV VMA, is a music award given by MTV to musicians with the best video clips every year. This event not only recognizes great musicians, but also includes performances from musicians invited and broadcast live by MTV from New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Miami, Florida.

BLACKPINK became one of the girl groups from South Korea who were invited to perform at the 2022 MTV VMA. The audience was not only amazed to watch the girl group show when they sang their newest song, ‘Pink Venom’. However, there were also many viewers who misfocused on Taylor Swift’s reaction when the song ‘Pink Venom’ was sung.

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Taylor Swift was caught dancing and memorizing the BLACKPINK song. This of course gave various responses from netizens, some were happy, surprised or even hoped that they would collaborate.

Taylor Swift Is Allegedly A Blink

Many netizens do not believe that a Taylor Swift also enjoys K-pop songs. Not only that, the singer of the song ‘All Too Well’ also danced with his friends and memorized the song ‘Pink Venom.

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Netizens suspect that Taylor Swift is ‘BLINK’ which is the official name for BLACKPINK’s fandom or fans. What do you think KLovers? Is Taylor Swift a ‘BLINK’ as many people think?

Taylor Swift Uses ‘Pink Venom’ for Her TikTok Content

The dominance of many netizens who gave positive responses, this is because Taylor Swift as a former musician is considered to always positively support new musicians, even though the musicians are not from America.

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While some legendary musicians feel ‘big-headed’ or arrogant by looking down on musicians from Asia such as South Korea as a minority. Taylor Swift is actually known as a musician who is friendly with anyone without ‘looking down’. This is also evidenced by TikTok content on Taylor Swift’s official account (@taylorswift) who made a transition video for the MTV VMA 2022 event with the song Pink Venom.

Rumors of a Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK Collaboration

Rumors about a Taylor Swift and BLACKPINK collaboration have been around for a long time. In 2021 it was discovered that a BLACKPINK choreographer named Kyle Hanagami with an Instagram account (@kylehanagami) followed Taylor Swift’s Instagram account.

The appearance of Taylor Swift who memorized BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’ song during the 2022 MTV VMAs, adding to the hope for ‘Swifties’ (as Taylor Swift fans are called) and ‘BLINK’ (a nickname for BLACKPINK fans). But until now there has been no confirmation from the two of these rumors.

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